Four Sigils. Four puzzles. Four prizes.


Who is the Angel of Secrets? Why has it summoned Beth Morgan? Can she find the mysterious Book of Raziel? Can you, dear reader, unravel the mystical codes that lead you to prizes?


When her Welsh grandmother dies, Beth hears a voice: I am the Angel of Secrets: find me!  But Beth’s legal training has not prepared her for a supernatural encounter. While trying to discover more, fate leads her to meet Dan Cohen from Waiheke, who has recently inherited a mysterious key. Beth and Dan find themselves entangled in a dangerous quest, pursued by a ruthless fanatic and secret agents, all determined to seize the Book of Raziel.

The quest for a legendary Book, which may only be a fantasy, presents Beth and Dan with challenging questions: what is the relationship between consciousness and the material world? Are there hidden intelligences shaping the destiny of the human race? If so, what about free will?


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The Angel of Secrets by Theolyn Cortens, with puzzles and illustrations by Will Shaman