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Archetypes, Angels and Gods

My very first published book, Discovering Angels (1996) was subtitled Journeys through archetypal landscapes. This title is out of print, but you can purchase second-hand copies from Amazon. My later book, Working with Archangels (Piatkus, 2007), includes some of the same content.

In Discovering Angels, I described a series of inner journeys I followed when I used the kabbalistic Tree of Life map to explore psycho-spiritual realms. I was to hoping to converse with the archetypes, personified as Archangels in the Jewish mystical tradition. Very specifically, I wanted to encounter Archangels associated with the ten sefirot – receptacles of emanated Divine lLght, as shown on the map below:

The Archangels of the Tree of Life

I came to understand that the archetypes, whether understood as gods in ancient mythology, or as Archangels in mystical tradition, will grow and expand according to the attention the humans project on to them. We are ‘stuck’ with an archetype that provokes particular negative behavioural patterns only so long as we refuse to recognise its potential to create for constructive, rather than destructive, outcomes.

In The Angel of Secrets, Beth and Dan both have experiences they find it hard to understand from their post-modern perspective. In ancient times people would interpret these encounters as apparitions of the gods or the angels. In more recent centuries, in Western culture at least, we have an option to regard ‘religious’ experiences as ‘psychological’ – arising from our own minds. Perhaps originating in the collective mind of humanity – dreams, visions and insights that can help us identify our personal roles in the universe.

Archetypes, Angels and Gods