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Doctor Dee

Dr John Dee (1527–1608 or 1609) was a cartographer, astrologer, mathematician, hermetic philosopher, code maker and code breaker, and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I of England. He came from a Welsh family, but spent most of his life either in England or Prague.

Dee devoted many years researching angelic realms. Because he had intellectual skills, rather than intuitive abilities, he teamed up with a medium, Edward Kelly, and together they set up a divination system, whereby they could converse with angels. These angels dictated a particular kind of language, said to pre-date the oldest human languages, including Hebrew. They used an obsidian mirror for their skrying sessions and Dee claimed the mirror had been delivered by Archangel Gabriel himself.

Wikipedia mentions the word ‘sorcery’ in their article on Dee, but that is rather insulting. He had an inquiring mind with a scientific bent and, in the days before our modern idea of science, he was curious about metaphysics and how creation works. True, he also asked the angels to point him in the direction of treasure, but that’s not sorcery!

One of Dee’s great skills was in coding secret messages, which is why I have included him under the puzzles section in this website. Renaissance kabbalists and hermetic philosophers like Dee delighted in creating magic squares from letters and numbers. These squares were talismans – focussed intentions – designed to attract certain universal qualities. For example, if you wanted to create wealth and abundance, you would create a square to attract the beneficent beams of the planetary god Jupiter.

Dr. Dee appears briefly in The Angel of Secrets Sigil 1, but only on his deathbed. The question is, did he play a significant role in the history of the ancient Book of Raziel? As an author who keeps her psychic antennae open, I am waiting to hear from Dr. Dee – will he have any more to say on this subject in any of the following Sigils?

Doctor Dee