Four Sigils. Four puzzles. Four prizes.

Puzzles and prizes

The puzzles

The Angel of Secrets is told over four volumes, called ‘Sigils’ (explore the links under ‘The Story’ above to find out more). Beth’s adventures take her deep into many esoteric mysteries, which are mirrored by a series of equally mysterious illustrations, in the style of antique engravings. At first glance these look like mere Tarot card images – which indeed they are – but look closer and you will notice details that relate to the story. You will also see in the frames surrounding the pictures strange codes and ciphers that together may, if you are willing to learn their secrets, lead you to find a short phrase. The phrases – or ‘Keys’ as we prefer to call them – are on free public display at four locations in mainland Britain.

If you are persistent and discover the Key hidden within a Sigil, you can then claim that Sigil’s prize. To do this, you must visit the place where the Key’s phrase is displayed and take a selfie to prove you have been there. You can then upload this selfie, together with the phrase, on the dedicated Angel of Secrets website. The first person to do this will be declared the winner for that Sigil.

The prizes

Much of the content The Angel of Secrets is borne out of our love for antique books, so it is fitting that the prizes will also be in a similar form. We will produce unique, handmade copies of each Sigil in large format, with traditional letterpress text and intaglio printed plates, signed by the author and illustrator. These will be awarded at a ceremony in Oxford.

There will only be one such special copy of each Sigil awarded to each winner, but there will be runner-up prizes comprising large format, limited edition intaglio printed versions of the plates, signed by Theolyn and Will.

Good luck!

Picture extract from The Angel of Secrets. Copyright 2019 Will Shaman