Four Sigils. Four puzzles. Four prizes.

The Alchemical Tarot

The Tarot pack used by Charlotte, Marcia and Alice in The Angel of Secrets Sigil I: The Book of Raziel, is a very special pack: The Alchemical Tarot, illustrated by the brilliant Robert M. Place. This deck was originally published by Thorson’s (Harper Collins) in 1995, with very inspiring text by Rosemary Ellen Guiley. One of the most beautiful and sought after modern Tarot decks, the out-of-print first edition of The Alchemical Tarot has sold at auction for over $2,000. However, you can purchase updated versions of this special deck from Robert directly here.

In The Book of Raziel, when we first meet Charlotte Howard, living in Paris and practising as an astrologer and tarot reader, she gives a reading to a financier who is in trouble. We’re still waiting for Robert Place to get back to us with permission to show his marvellous pictures, so forgive the blanks at present:

Ten of Swords

Six of Swords

Elsewhere, the 10 of Swords card plays a big part in this first sigil of The Angel of Secrets!

After walking along the coastal path in the rain, Beth visits a café, where she is accosted by a tarot reader. Despite Beth’s protestations, the lady draws two cards from the classic Rider-Waite pack:

Rider-Waite deck: The Hermit
The Hermit


Later, Marcia meets Alice St.Clair, a Gallizur Group member she has not seen since their days in Paris at the Sorbonne. They agree to read their Alchemical Tarot cards, to help reassure them concerning Beth and Dan’s progress. They draw:

The High Priestess

Seven of Swords

Two of Cups

The Magician

Seven of Staffs

Nine of Vessels

The Alchemical Tarot – copyright Robert Place and Rosemary Ellen Guiley