Four Sigils. Four puzzles. Four prizes.

The Gallizur Group

The Gallizur Group was founded after a lecture given by Tania Kosikowski at the Paris Society for Hermetic and Esoteric Wisdom in the autumn of 1967. It was focussed on discovering the history and possible whereabouts of the mysterious Book of Raziel.

Originally, the group had twelve members but, within one year of its foundation, the numbers diminished to nine when Tania, her daughter Helena, and Barak Ibrahim all retired from the group. They felt they had made sufficient contribution for the other members to continue researching the project. The three leaving members all made it clear they could be called on when circumstances demanded additional input.

In 1969, an additional member, Thomas Eriksen, joined them, making the group up to ten. Eriksen was accepted into the group because he owned one of the mysterious ‘keys’, said to ‘unlock’ The Book, and was able to show it to them. Two other members, Jewish scholar Gershom Cohen and Ethiopian Prince, Zewedu Bayissa, claimed their families also owned ‘keys’, but were unable to show them to the group, due to high security put in place by their families. When Eriksen joined the group and the total membership became ten, later researchers assumed this number was a deliberate choice, to fit the legend that there had originally been ten ‘keys’.

Each of the twelve founding members adopted a letter from the Hebrew alphabet to use as their code – these twelve letters are the ‘simples’, as described in kabbalistic texts. When Thomas Eriksen joined he adopted the code letter originally used by Ibrahim.

  • Princess Professor Tania Kosikowski (1913 – present) – Professor of Ancient Eastern Studies and Languages. She is also an astrologer. Tania drops out early in the group’s history and leaves Paris to live in Chartres. Her Hebrew code letter was never re-used, as no-one ever stepped in to her place.
  • Helena Kosikowski, Tania’s daughter (1936 – present) – Like her mother, Helena is also an astrologer and esoteric scholar. She resigned from the group at the same time as Tania and now lives in Chartres. Her Hebrew letter code not re-used.
  • Barak Ibrahim (unknown birthdate, though he is very old and mysterious) – Wise scholar and friend, consulted by Tania and Helena Kosikowski, Barak also resigned from the group soon after its foundation. His Hebrew code letter was taken up by Thomas Eriksen (see below).
  • Gershom Cohen (1936 – 2016) – He was Professor of Jewish History. His older brother Felix became a Professor of Jewish Mysticism and lived in Jerusalem. Gershom and Felix were great-uncles to Dan Cohen.
  • Elwyn Blunt (1938 – 2017) – Antiquarian and librarian at Alnwick Castle, Northumberland.
  • Naomi Morgan née Goldman (1942 – 2017) – After her education at the Sorbonne, Naomi married Tom Morgan, a dairy farmer, and went to live in Pembrokeshire. Tom and Naomi had one daughter, Rachel, mother to Beth. When Tom died, Naomi purchased a small house in Nevern, where she died at the beginning of Sigil 1: The Book of Raziel.
  • Zewedu Bayissa (1937 – 2007) – An Ethiopian prince, nicknamed ‘King Solomon’, he died after a horse riding accident. He had a son, and a grandson, who appears in Sigil II.
  • Henri Zussman (1939 – present) – Historian and book-collector specialising in antique esoteric and hermetic texts. His library is stored in a house in Prague, but he spends time in Paris, where his son Bernard still lives.
  • Marcia Downes (1938 – present) – After her post-graduate education at the Sorbonne she lived and worked in London for a number of years, before emigrating to Australia in her early forties. She return to the UK after exchanging information with Charlotte Howard, after which they agree that something is ‘in the air’, concerning the Book of Raziel.
  • Alan St. Clair (1935 – 2015) – Married Dorothea Beresford (below) and became Professor of Art History at Winchester School of Art. Died of heart failure.
    Dorothea St. Clair née Beresford (1939 – present) – Sculptor. Alan’s widow, lives in Winchester.
  • Charlotte Howard (1938 – present) – Tarot reader and astrologer. She has lived in Paris since the 1960s and is still obsessed by the quest to find the Book of Raziel. Although in her seventies, Charlotte is physically fit after practising yoga most of her life.
  • Thomas Eriksen (1911 – 2015) – A Dane who acquired a Raziel ‘key’ from a Jewish refugee during World War Two. Thomas was 52 when joined the group – much older than most of the other members. He was accepted as a member because he owned a ‘key’. He lived in Oslo with his orphaned grandson until his death. His grandson, originally named Petter, is Noah Eriksen who inherited the ‘key’, leading him to hunt for The Book.
The Gallizur Group codenames